Beauty by Earth Natural Sunscreen

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If you were looking for an all-natural sunscreen made with organic and non-toxic ingredients that is also reef safe – you found it!

Inside the cute kraft box you will find a bottle. While it says it is 4oz, it secretly holds 5oz of sun protection magic.

Just slather the cream all over your body and face (yes it is totally safe to use on your face!) and be sure to reapply every hour or so, or more often if you are frequenting your towel.

Your skin will be left protected and with a nice natural mild scent.

This sunscreen is perfect for the kids, the sports activists in the family and just about everyone… save maybe the dog.

So pick up a bottle, or two, or three and be protected!

Physical Sunscreen – mineral based physical sunscreens are effective immediately.

No need to wait 30-45 minutes for them to be effective.

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